Why should men and women be treated differently?

          It is one of the topics for the elocution that has been recently conducted. Till a few hours back, I have never thought of the topic but a speech spurred me on. I think that men and women should be treated differently but equally. I have been thinking of 33% reservation for women. I don`t see any point of continuing it in today`s world. Back in 1947, there was a lot of imbalance between men and women which demanded women be given some reservations. But now there is little to choose between men and women. Women are at least the equals of men in intellect and are even better than them as quoted by a speaker. If that is the case, why should they be given reservations? Their oppression before 100 years is mentioned and all the evil practices like sati, child marriage and female infanticide are taken into account and made reasons for which they should be treated with special respect now.

Should any of you be hanged or punished for the sin which your great great grand father has committed? Then why should men be deprived of what they deserve, just because centuries ago their ancestors have oppressed women? If that is the case the quote “Hard work is the key to success” should be modified “Gender is the key to success”. If a guy gives a better performance than a gal, on what grounds can he be denied admission?  If there are 100 seats in an institution,50 boys and 50 girls topped the exam. And 33% reservation to gals means only 16 boys will get through. How harsh on the other 34 boys who were denied a seat just because they are born in India as males.

I think that reservation should be only given to those based on their economic status but not on the arrangement of chromosomes. There are atrocities committed against women even today. But the weak are always targeted. Not every woman in the street is bound to be exploited. It is mostly the poor who is taken advantage of. So we should try to bridge the  gap between the rich and the poor. Fortunately the Government has not passed an act that all MNC`s in India should make sure 33% of their employees are women. If that were the case, I would not have been pursuing an IT course . That could have been the only silver lining.

P.S.1. Those who disagree with me can comment and I will be more than happy to try n change their viewpoint.

P.S.2. Last 7 days, I have seen 5 movies…broke my previous record

P.S.3. It would have been nice if IIIT has 33% reservation for gals every four years so that no batch is disappointed. But that would lead to a lot of competition I guess and many more Tysons ( courtesy: Happy Days mov)


6 Responses to “Why should men and women be treated differently?”

  1. shiben Says:

    the way i see it (and as science sees it) men are supposed to take care, take responsibility, protect their female companions to the fullest.

    To the fullest, in early man’s age, meant even die for your female companion if she gets attacked by a predator.

    The reason for this being that your female companion is/was/will-be the carrier of your little one. Why should you care about your little one? It is in the genes of every species to carry forward their kind in future.

    In current days, males mostly don’t have to do such things since females are much smarter to take care of themselves. However female still remain weak (physically, mentally) and thus males still take care of them.

    You can say by giving reservation to females at places, males (who mostly comprise the intellect: government, military, technology, science… everything I guess) are taking care of females in current generation.

    How is this taking care of them? This will force the females to (almost) generate the capacity for what males will have in the next generation.

    The next generation will see even better gene pool of males and females. Males will still be taking care of them but possibly in different way. Who knows the future?

    So talking science, I disagree with you.

  2. bogglernotblogger Says:

    I agree that women are biologically different from men. But I doubt if reservations are a way to protect the female companions. The weak are always oppressed. Not all women are weak and exploited. There are weak men and women as well. But men always want to cover up their shortcomings. They hate sympathy unlike women.
    A foolish woman asks for equal rights with men. A wise woman gets them.

  3. Aruna Says:

    There are pros and cons for everything. as yu ‘ve already taken care of the cons.. lemme tell yu my point of view on why reservation is needed.

    Reservation in its first place, is introduced to increase the chance of women participation and change the attitude of men towards them. Yu are very true, we dont need reservations any more as the society is changed. but do you think the change is complete? May be there is an equal competetion in cities n I agree, More than 60% of the Villages have been modernised. but wat about those who still follow the old system – Women are forbidden from persuing higher education, they shud serve the men, children blah blah.

    And here comes reservation.. it gives the strength “yu hav a fair chance of winning, atleast try”. and so the female can step forward to try her hand at smething she wants to.

    Even in the city life of our generation, women are the ones who shud do the household chores, unlike overseas. And that makes them more and more weak (yeah-both physically and mentallly). And precisely, the basic point of reservation hopes this system would change if the female are given the equal opportunities.

    I think this discussion is very well apt for the reservations based on caste systems.
    Many people take advantage of these facilities.
    And in my opinion, the Govt shud take some other factors like social status into consideration to make sure who deserves to b reserved. (am sorry cudnt stop a PJ)

  4. bogglernotblogger Says:

    there definitely are more female graduates than male graduates..so they are getting a good enough chance..
    coming to the women in villages: again it gets down to strong and weak..how many rural gals whose families are well off dont stay in the hostels right from primary education? If one has enough money, better education is always afforded.
    where is the concentration of women more? is it in cities or villages? It should be cities cos there are still cases of female infanticide.
    so in order to provide a good chance to the women in the villages where they are less concentrated, should there be reservations?

    there should be reservations for those who have no proper financial backing tht too for a single generation. The govt shud try to provide quality primary education irrespective of the weight in the pocket. Then they can lift off the reservations

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  6. Random T. Says:

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